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  7. Use of web pages related to FAQs, news, Acts, Rules, Usage of forms, law books and leading law journals, online information about Advocates, chartered Accountants, Trade Associations and Industrial Organizations, leading manufacturers and traders may be viewed and used free of charge. But taxtalkindia.com reserves every right to remove any service at any time from the list of free services.

  8. Names of only those Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Trade Associations, Industrial Organizations, Dealers and Industrialists, who are subscribers, are displayed on the site.

  9. Annual subscription entitles a subscriber to use the services for one year commencing on First of April of a financial year and ending on 31st of March of the same financial year, hereinafter the period referred to as the service year. Services may be renewed on payment of renewal fee. If the renewal fee is not received within 30 days of commencement of service year i.e. on or before 30th of July, services are withdrawn.

  10. Any person may become a subscriber during the service year for remaining period of the service year. Where duration of such remaining period of service is greater than six calendar months, service charges for whole service year will be charged and where duration of such remaining period of service is less than six calendar months, fifty percent of the annual service charges will be charged as service charges for such service year.

  11. Amount of service charges shall be such as may be determined by the taxtalkindia.com. The taxtalkindia.com reserves the right to revise subscriptions at any time before start of a service year.

  12. After receipt of subscription, the subscriber will be allotted a unique password, using which a subscriber will be able to use services.

  13. Payment of subscription may be made by crossed demand draft in favor of ‘taxtalkindia dot com’ payable at any branch of a bank at Lucknow Uttar Pradesh (India) or by crossed cheque. Amount of outstation cheques will include additional amount of Rupees Fifty towards service and collection charges.

  14. New subscribers will have to submit details required in the application form for enrolment.

  15. The service includes reply of five queries of procedural nature by any subscriber. The reply to any query will be sent to the subscriber within 3 days of its receipt by e-mail at the e-mail address of the subscriber.

  16. Whether a particular query is of procedural nature or not, decision of taxtalkindia.com shall be final.

  17. The taxtalkindia.com reserves a right to refuse to answer a query or it may defer its reply. Where the taxtalkindia.com refuses to answer any query or does not reply a query within the stipulated time of three days, subscriber shall not be entitled for claiming any rebate in the service charges.

  18. Any Trade Association or Industrial Organization or a Trader or Industrialist may, after payment of prescribed subscription for this service, request for displaying its special features on a separate web-page. In the circumstances viewers will be able to view the separate page after they click-on the ‘Special Features’.

  19. The web site owner without assigning any reason, may refuse to enrole any person as a subscriber.

  20. No person shall, whether willfully or not, use the web site in a manner which may cause any damage to the system and data being used.

  21. Without written permission of the owner of the Web Site, publication or distribution of material available on any page under Login Services is prohibited.

  22. Subscribers will be liable for payment of taxes and legal levies, as may be applicable from time to time in addition to service charges.

  23. For a subscriber chargeable services will be activated alongwith allotment of password.

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